Automate cold outreach campaigns on email and social

Discover the power of our tried-and-tested Sales automation software, which has helped over 100 users enhance their cold outreach efforts on a daily basis.

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Powerful set of features

Sales Automation like never seen before

Advanced insights

Industry, company, job title and location insights. Use insights to create data-driven targeting strategy


Manage all of your conversations
in one place and create a
sequence of follow-ups

Keep your social accounts safe

Send automated direct messages on social media whilst keeping your account safe

Highly configurable

Take control over your teammates’ (or clients’ if you’re an agency) access privileges. Establish daily activity restrictions and a variety of additional features.

Sky high response rates

Enhance your messages by adding personalized content generated by AI, including images and GIFs.

Drip messaging campaigns

Achieve high response rates of over 32% by running multi-channel campaigns across various social media platforms and through email.

People Connected




Value Generated

Why choose us?

Cold Reacher is the best way to automate your Linkedin Strategy. You will be able to generate sales on autopilot all from one dashboard and get statistical insights so that you can see what you're doing right or wrong

information dashboard

Experience it firsthand and witness the tremendous boost in sales.

Let ColdReacher take control of your linkedin outreach freeing up your time to focus on other parts of your business

Easily find your ideal clients with our in-built prospecting tool

Automate both your linkeding and cold email outreach

Multichannel outreach to improve your chance of reaching your target

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Start connecting and grow your network, remember your network is your networth

Always be on top of your connection’s feed, coldreacher will help you maintain and keep up to date with your connections

Schedule Messages

Automate your message sending, create a sequence of messages you’d like to send out after certain actions or triggers

Personalize using images and GIFs 

Make your messages stand out with images and GIF’s

Never miss a single message ever again using our Mini CRM

See all your messages all in one place using our unified inbox and CRM

customer management system

Start your journey now!

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