Our goal is to transform sales pitches into engaging conversations

Social media provides an ideal platform for connecting with others and effectively promoting your product through genuine conversations.

Our Story

We are a company that understands the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. We recognize that acquiring customers can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we have developed an affordable platform that not only competes with major players in the industry, but also automates your entire lead generation process.
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The mission behind all our work

Our goal is to improve the sales process for you and your customers. We use AI to create targeted lists of potential prospects. We also offer the ability to automatically contact these prospects with personalized messages that feel human. Our aim is to enhance the consumer experience by avoiding spamming.

The values that drive everything


By maintaining an unwavering commitment to innovation, we are able to effectively address the most complex challenges associated with utilizing AI in sales.


We have such trust in our product's value that we are willing to fully refund you if you are dissatisfied. We know that there is no better solution out there for the same price


You have a full 360 view of your outreach process, you have full control of your sales pipeline.

Customer support

Our customer support is top-notch and highly recognized. Not to sound pretencious but we truly believe our support is exceptional and hard to replicate