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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ColdReacher?

A sales automation platform that sends connection requests/inmails  to 30-50 of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn daily and follows up with them once they connect with you. This level of consistency means that you get 5-10 new replies every day, and end up booking 5-8 new  meetings per week, only by having a conversation with the people who have replied.

Who is it useful for?

It is useful for anyone wanting to generate leads from Linkedin, it’s good for solopreneurs, and teams of all sizes. Coldreacher will help any business generate leads automatically.

Can I send GIFs, documents in messages?

Yes! You can send different image types and documents

What can I do with ColdReacher?

What makes coldreacher so great is that you only have to set it up once and then let it do your cold outreach for you automatically. The only thing you have to focus on is closing the deal.

How do I import prospects into ColdReacher?

You can import people from LinkedIn Sales Nav search, a normal LinkedIn search, or  upload with a CSV, or you can DM LinkedIn group members or event attendees if you want! Did we mention that you can fetch all the people who commented on a particular LinkedIn post and request to connect with them?